Sunday, July 12, 2009

Free Vintage Rose Journaling Card Embellishment

Click the free vintage rose scrapbook journaling card embellishment to see a larger version

This gorgeous red rose scrapbook journaling card started out its life as a birthday card, but with a little judicious deletion of text it became a blank slate for you to express yourself in your scrapbook.

Although roses are forever, I would date this card's origin to the Art Nouveau era, based on the flourish in the border. The gold background probably was quite elegant when this card was new and would now be an ideal candidate for just a bit of gold glitter glue to make it sparkle. As always, you don't want to use too much; just enough to give it a sheen. One technique I like to use with glitter glue is to put small highlights on the rose (or any flower) and then use several thin coats of Elmer's School Glue Gel on top of them to create dew drops. This works especially well if you print the art on card stock or thick photo paper, as opposed to on regular paper. The glue will create a shiny casing around the glitter, making it look almost as if it were wet.

I hope you enjoy playing with this vintage rose scrapbook journaling card embellishment! It came from Vintagerio, which offers access to 15,000 vintage images for one low price. You can visit them by clicking on the ad in the sidebar. Please also see the sidebar for other vintage scrapbooking goodies.

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