Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vintage Forget-Me-Nots Scrapbook Embellishment

Click the free vintage forget-me-nots scrapbook embellishment to see and download a larger version

I just had to post this free floral vintage postcard scrapbook embellishment now that spring has sprung. Bursting with blue forget-me-nots held in place with a beautiful blue ribbon, this vintage envelope looks like it contains a love letter or at least a very interesting message for its recipient. It's fun to wonder what the artist was thinking when he (or was it a she?) painted it.

This scrapbook embellishment is a perfect candidate to be used as a handmade card, and, of course, it would look incredible in a vintage scrapbook. I hope you find many fun uses for it.

This art comes from Vintagerio, which has many more (over 15,000!) gorgeous vintage images to choose from. 

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  1. can I use a picture of your blog to redirect people from my blog to yours ? It's so amazing !

  2. Sure! I would love it. You can also use the button code in the sidebar, either in a post or in your sidebar.

    Thanks so much. :-)

  3. Gorgeous blog, thanks for sharing :)
    Big Hugs,

  4. I'm loving these, thank you so much! Amazing finds here!