Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free Vintage Easter Card Scrapbook Embellishment

Click the free vintage Easter card scrapbook embellishment to see and download a larger version

I couldn't resist the two yellow chicks carrying a bright red umbrella on this vintage Easter card. What a great vintage scrapbook embellishment it will make! It's a fairly large size (click on it to see the enlarged version), so you should be able to use it as the basis for a handmade Easter card too.

The art in this vintage Easter card reminds me of some of the pictures in the old red-leather-bound  Childcraft books I read over and over as a child. In fact, I still have them in storage. They're a little worse for wear and the pages I liked the most are worn and torn, but I'm delighted I hung onto them. Anyway, my favorite of the many books in the set was the one that contained poems and rhymes. It contained many colorful images like the one in this post, and the memory of them managed to burrow in pretty deeply into my brain.

Anyway, I'm sure this vintage Easter card will be appealing to anyone, whether they've read the Childcraft books or not! I hope you enjoy using it. Please see the sidebar for other vintage Easter goodies.

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