Monday, September 7, 2009

Free Vintage Angels Christmas Scrapbook Paper

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The other day I got the idea that vintage Christmas cards would look beautiful if they were incorporated into Christmas scrapbook paper. So I chose what I think is a particularly pretty vintage greeting card that features two angels, one reading a parchment scroll with golden filigree and the other holding an ornate golden harp. Naturally, they're floating in the clouds and they appear to be having a conference about some Christmas-related issue. The card itself reads "A Merry Christmas" and I added "Angels heard on high proclaim that Christmastime is here" for a little ambiance and extra Christmas cheer.

I find the pale aqua color of the background, which I pulled from the cloud color, quite soothing. And to give it just that little extra bit of flair, I added an ivory-colored scroll work design between each card. I'm actually quite happy with the results. To me it's a bonus that it works for both secular and religious audiences. I've received requests to provide more spiritual and religious images, and this one has a little something for everyone. I hope you find lots of uses for it! You might even want to try using it as wrapping paper for small Christmas gifts. (Added 11-30-2009: Check out this other free vintage angel scrapbook paper I just posted.)

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