Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Tea Party Vintage Scrapbooking Paper

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This tea party-themed vintage scrapbooking paper is my favorite of all the papers I've ever designed. Not only does it have bright colors and the vintage look I love, but it features teapots and teacups -- a few of my favorite things.

My own collection of real teapots are in storage until we move, so I haven't seen them for a while. They used to line the tops of my kitchen cupboards, surrounded by flowering vines and antique knick-knacks, and always made the apartment kitchen of my single years look so homey. So I miss them. That probably accounts for my special affinity for this vintage tea party paper design.

Another thing I like about this scrapbook paper are the special touches on some of the pieces of vintage art used to create it. There's an ornate tea pot with gold accents and hand-painted flowers that was used as a printing sample for and/or a card sent by the Charles Brehm Printing Company. (Not to be confused, of course, with the Charles Brehm who witnessed the John F. Kennedy assassination. He was a carpet salesman for Montgomery Ward.) There's also a teacup filled with flowers that has "To Greet You" printed on it. Most mysteriously of all, one of the fruit clusters has two little tags jutting out of it. One reads "8 EB Co" and the other is a simple but mystifying "479." That piece was also used on my vintage fruit scrapbook paper, so you might like to mix and match that design and this one. There's nothing mysterious about the remaining piece of art, though, other than that the grapes look so shiny that they could be lit from within.

I find all the little quirky details about the vintage art just enhance my appreciation for the compilation that created the final design. I hope you feel the same and will enjoy using it!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Free Vintage Scroll Work Scrapbook Paper

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This brown and tan vintage-look scroll work scrapbook paper matches the black scroll work scrapbook paper I just posted over the weekend on my Free Scrapbooking Supplies blog. They both use the same design but this version started with a white background and the other has a black background.

I created the vintage effect by using a number of editing processes in Picnik that made it easy to adjust the colors until they created a vintage vibe that also looks modern. It's always nice to have a classy neutral paper you can use to balance out brighter or stronger colors. I know I'll find this scrapbook paper useful and I hope you will too. Please see the sidebar for many more helpful free images.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Free Vintage Angels Christmas Scrapbook Paper

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The other day I got the idea that vintage Christmas cards would look beautiful if they were incorporated into Christmas scrapbook paper. So I chose what I think is a particularly pretty vintage greeting card that features two angels, one reading a parchment scroll with golden filigree and the other holding an ornate golden harp. Naturally, they're floating in the clouds and they appear to be having a conference about some Christmas-related issue. The card itself reads "A Merry Christmas" and I added "Angels heard on high proclaim that Christmastime is here" for a little ambiance and extra Christmas cheer.

I find the pale aqua color of the background, which I pulled from the cloud color, quite soothing. And to give it just that little extra bit of flair, I added an ivory-colored scroll work design between each card. I'm actually quite happy with the results. To me it's a bonus that it works for both secular and religious audiences. I've received requests to provide more spiritual and religious images, and this one has a little something for everyone. I hope you find lots of uses for it! You might even want to try using it as wrapping paper for small Christmas gifts. (Added 11-30-2009: Check out this other free vintage angel scrapbook paper I just posted.)

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