Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Free Vintage World War I Photo Scrapbook Embellishment

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I fell in love with this vintage black and white World War I photo before I even knew what was written on the sign above the barrel. When I blew it up and read it, I liked it even more.

Apparently, ground-up peach stones were turned into charcoal dust that was used to filter poison gas fired at our soldiers during the war. It looks like these two fashionably dressed women posed while doing their civic duty and donated peach pits.

The sign on top of the barrel reads:

Throw Peach Stones in this Barrel

The U. S. Government Needs Them

Reduced to a Charcoal Powder

They Filter the Poison Out of Gas and Save Our Soldiers' Lives

Weren't they clever back then? And who do you think first came up with the idea to grind up peach pits to filter poison gas? I wouldn't be surprised if today we use all synthetic materials that filter out poisons but generate toxins as they're manufactured. Oh, the irony. Maybe that's a little cynical but I think in some ways we've actually gone backwards as we've moved forward.

Anyway, I hope you can find some fun uses for this photo as a scrapbook embellishment or to make handmade cards. It came from Vintagerio, which has plenty more wonderful images you can play with. If you'd like to have fun browsing Vintagerio's giant collection of vintage art, click the ad in the sidebar.

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