Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free Vintage Flowers Scrapbook Paper

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This pretty free vintage flower scrapbook paper is neutral enough to be useful for a variety of uses but still has enough color to be cheerful. While I'm not a flower expert, I think I can identify some of the flowers. There are pretty deep-pink camellias and white and light pink cabbage roses, blue forget-me-nots (a favorite of Victorian ladies), and there might even be some small pansies in the flower strings used to form the lattice pattern. As to the rest of the flowers, you're on your own!

Like with many vintage flower patterns, this would probably look great when paired with stripes on the same scrapbook page, similar to the way a room looks when two wallpaper patterns are used above and below a chair rail on a wall. You'll find some nice pastel-colored striped papers on my Mother's Day scrapbook paper hub. They come in subtle blue, dusty pink and pale yellow colors that would match well with this design.

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  1. Your blog is absolutely one of my favorites. Love all the templates you find and all your own fabulous ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity

  2. Hi. I wanted to drop you a quick note to express my thanks.