Sunday, May 3, 2009

Free Victorian Flower Basket Scrapbook Embellishment

Click the Victorian scrapbook embellishment to see a larger version

I just love this gorgeous Victorian flower basket scrapbook embellishment. To me it personifies Victorian and vintage art: it's colorful and exists just to make any place it graces more beautiful.

I'm not a flower expert but I can identify some of the flowers in this beautifully woven basket. There are pink, red and yellow roses, and I believe the small blue flowers are forget-me-nots. Forget-me-nots were very popular in the Victorian era and are thus commonly seen in vintage flower art. The words "Forget me not" are also frequently incorporated into vintage designs. Maybe people from that era had bad memories and needed to be reminded who their friends and family were. ;-)

You'll be able to use this scrapbook embellishment for more than just scrapbooks because the artwork is extra large. Just click the smaller image to access the larger version. It would make a lovely Mother's Day, birthday or even new baby card, and I'm sure you can think of even more uses. Please just be sure to honor the terms of use, which allow you to use the art as much as you like for yourself but not to make items for sale or to form your own collection of images to sell or give away.

This lovely floral basket came from Vintagerio, which has an unusually large selection of vintage and Victorian flower art. You can also find more vintage flowers by clicking on the "Free Vintage Flowers and Seed Packets" link in the sidebar or by downloading my Free Clip Art Sourcebook.

Please see the sidebar for many more vintage scrapbooking freebies.

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