Monday, May 25, 2009

Free Ornate Vintage Scrapbook Journaling Cards

Click the vintage scrapbook journaling card to see a larger version

This ornate vintage scrapbook journaling card is the perfect addition to any vintage-style scrapbook. It also would be wonderful for making a handmade card.

I've provided two versions: one with lines for writing and one without, I assume you will find multiple uses for this exquisite piece of art. When you click on the smaller version to the right and see the larger versions, you'll notice that there's a lovely mottled golden background in the center. So if you want some matching background pieces, you could just print extra of this area and cut out that part.

I'm not sure of the origin of this particular piece of art, other than it came from Vintagerio's huge collection. At first I thought it might have come from an altered cigar label but I doubt the golden center area would be intact if that were the case. Maybe some artist of old created it just for Victorian scrapbooks! I kind of doubt that, too, but you never know. Wherever it came from, I hope you enjoy making fun things with it.

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